Information Technology

Teach your kids to program like a Pro

Programming is like puzzle solving. Let your child try out the puzzle. Programming languages are used to create programs to control the behavior of a machine or to do something useful and interesting like games. Just like human languages, programming languages needs to be learned. Learning a traditional language can be overwhelming for kids but they will really enjoy if… Read more →

How to find a Job?

In my 20 year career in the industry, I have never “cold called” for a job or sent out flurry of resumes. I usually create a 6 month plan to find a new job. This plan is tech company focused but you can easily adapt it. This is what it looks like. Polish your LinkedIn profile. Make it sharp, make… Read more →

Outreach Program for Women

The Gnome Outreach Program for Women is an internship program modeled on Google Summer of Code and administered by the Gnome project on a regular basis that awards stipends to participants who successfully complete a requested free and open-source software project contribution under the guidance of project mentors. This program is intended to increase the participation of women in free… Read more →

Learn Google Analytics & Earn Certificate – Absolutely Free

Google provides Analytics Academy, a free online learning platform that offers comprehensive training in Google Analytics and data analysis. This great learning resource for digital marketer and analysts was launched on Oct 2, 2013 to keep their Analytics knowledge up-to-date. The first course ‘Digital Analytics Fundamentals’ was successfully presented on  October 8, 2013. This course, hosted by Google’s Analytics Evangelist… Read more →

Tips for successful Blogging

1. Content is the fuel of your blog. You need to be organized to manage your contents. Make a content plan that will detail your blog objectives, target audience, core topics&publishing frequency. 2. Brainstorm blog posts topics and organize them into a three-month calendar. Start with publishing once a week. Add an additional post per week if you have the… Read more →

Ten Reasons Your Business needs to have a Blog?

Blogs offer the most potential value to most businesses.In today’s social media marketing world, bogs are the engine that run the social web.A business blog is a great place to tell stories, share “getting to know you” information, and create deeper relationship bonds with your customer. 1. Blog can help you get noticed by giving your company a way to… Read more →

Google “Helpouts,” a help-for-cash video chat service

Google “Helpouts,” a help-for-cash video chat service

Google has introduced a new online video service called Helpouts – a site that connects people who need help to those who can provide it via video feed. Check out Helpouts isn’t available yet, but Google is currently inviting people with expertise across a number of topics to be able to offer Helpouts when they go live — and… Read more →