Ten Reasons Your Business needs to have a Blog?

Blogs offer the most potential value to most businesses.In today’s social media marketing world, bogs are the engine that run the social web.A business blog is a great place to tell stories, share “getting to know you” information, and create deeper relationship bonds with your customer.

1. Blog can help you get noticed by giving your company a way to tell its story.A well-executed blog will contribute to bottom-line performance and market leadership.

2. Feature your new products & services -It’s likely that high-potential prospects will be visiting your blog every day. Why not introduce them to some of your useful services and products in a gentle way?

3. Blog-only special offers, giveaways, and exclusive deals can be used to get prospect e-mail addresses that can be used for follow-up e-mail marketing.

4. You can use blog posts to answer common customer service questions.In this way blog posts can become a library of helpful answers.

5. Connect to your customers & use your blogs as a way to unearth customer needs, ideas, and unmet desires that may turn into your next new product or service.

6. Increase your search engine ranking -Google loves blogs because they are updated regularly with new information relevant to its search customers. Company websites with blogs more traffic than websites without blogs.

7. Study you potential customers behavior – with the help of Google Analytics, Google’s free web tracking service, you can track how many people visited your blog, how often blog pages were visited for a specific time period, how long readers stayed on a specific page and how many left your blog without visiting another page.

8. Increase your sales – In a recent survey among U.K. procurement professionals, blogs were considered to be the most credible source of information early in the buying process—even above word-of-mouth recommendations. Why? Because bloggers are seen as trustworthy, passionate experts who stake their reputation on their writing every day.

9. Your business blog should be integrated into your main website. This integration has important SEO benefits. In general, search engines value websites that have frequently updated and tightly targeted content. Your blog fits both of these criteria, and your main website will benefit from the integration. In addition, your blog will benefit from being part of an indexed website. This means that your blog posts will be listed and begin attracting search engine traffic faster.

10. Your customers are looking for reasons to trust you. They want to know if you care about their problems, respect them as people, and care about being a responsive and responsible brand. Your business blog is your chance to explain your company’s values and standards to your customers.

Important: Keep in mind Blogging may take months of patience, commitment, and consistent execution before most companies begin to get traction from the effort.

If you can’t or won’t commit to sharing your company’s story, people, culture, and approach with your customers, then do not start a blog.

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