Strategies for Effective Interviewing

1. Practice for your interview. The best way is to prepare answers to potential interview questions.

2. Practice answering questions with a friend, or in front of a mirror. Ask your friend to give you constructive criticism on your speaking style

3. Never say anything negative about past experiences and employers. Always think of something positive about an experience and talk about that.

4. Carefully research the job and the organization. You can also show interest by asking questions about the job, the organization, and its services and products.

5. Do not bring up the issue of salary during the first interview. If the interviewer asks about your salary expectations, give only a general answer.

6. Wear a professional business suitm to make good first impression.

7. Arrive approximately 5 – 10 minutes early. Give yourself time to settle down.

8. At the end of an interview ask when you may expect to hear from the employer.

9. You should write a thank you note within 48 hours after an interview, even if the interview was not productive.

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