Our Process

Our web solution combines both content and design in a complementary manner – information is more accessable through a good design. But if no one knows about the resource, the effort is wasted. The effective Web package combines and balances the three key features – design, content and promotion.


We contact you for information such as Who you are? What your business is all about and who your clients are? You can provide us with this information through snail mail, e-mail or by meeting in person.


  • We provide you an attractive and effective navigational and information design that enable your user to find the information they are after with the minimum of backtracking or unnecessary browsing. We also optimize graphics to ensure fast downloading. Our design strategy ensures that user’s initial visit becomes a regular event.
  • Until and unless your site becomes well known in your sector, the majority of traffic may well be from Web users conducting a search for your area of information. What all this means for a Web designer is that a good deal of thought has to go into making your site ‘jump’ out of the database as the result of searches, and equally important – jump to the highest in the list of results. And our efforts focus exactly on this task.

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