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One of the key strength of the Web is its ability to target niche markets effectively. By having a web site you will have an opportunity to reach both your existing audience, and also that audience about whom you know little or nothing. We help you make your web presence an effective one by providing you following options:

Brochureware Web Site – We can put your marketing literature on the web making your business information available to your customers 24 hours a day, everyday.

Interactive Web Site – Interactive web site can help your visitors make on-line enquiries and bookings. It would dramatically increase your business enquiries and ultimately sales.

E-Commerce Set Up – Have full e-commerce ability and sell your finished products and services with on-line financial transactions. It would enable you to achieve sales several times that of a paper-based business with similar resources.

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What other Benefits you’ll get

  • We provide you 3 entirely different custom, professional website Design Templates for your website in just 1 week!
  • We would continue to monitor the performance of your website for a period of one month from the date of going ‘live’. This is a complementary service offered by us and any problems found during this period will be solved without any additional cost. On top of this, our clients also have the optionof signing up for a comprehensive site maintenance agreement.
  • With our web design offer you’ll also get:
    1. Free Web Banners
    2. Free Search Engine Submission
    3. Free Advertisement on

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