Does your business need a CMS?

A content management system (CMS) is a tool that helps you to manage the content of your website. A CMS allows people to add, edit and publish content whilst maintaining the look and feel of the site. No specific skills are required to do this.

Your website need fresh content on an on-going basis. You can choose to post this information on a webpage but it is not an efficient method because readers can’t subscribe, and you can’t keep up with your consumers to turn them into clients. The best place to put this content is in a blog. A CMS allows you to manage your entire website like you would manage a blog.

A number of businesses are moving their websites to a content management system (CMS) to increase their online potential and to benefit from the numerous features to be had from a CMS.

There are many blog publishing platforms out there, but the one we use most often is WordPress. It is the most robust platform, and many business websites are now using it as a content management system.

Why would your company require a CMS?

A CMS can be a valuable acquisition to your company. Product descriptions, services, tutorials and how to guides are small samples of the content that can be managed with a CMS. Imagine being able to update a product, how to guides, media and web content based on customer feedback.

The following is a list of key benefits that you can obtain from a content management system:

  • Administration: You get an admin console from where you can edit your site, allowing you to maintain your website and make regular changes without much technical knowledge.
  • Blogging: It can be a great attracting and converting tool. People can find your posts attractive and can subscribe to your blog, becoming instant consumer. Overtime they can be converted into customers.
  • Instant Publishing: The option to publish your content instantly. You can also prepare content to publish for a specific date, e.g. new offers, sales, marketing campaigns and PR.

If you think your company could benefit from having a Content Management System, we can help you with your website.

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